First-Aid Repair Clamps

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First-Aid for damaged pipes

The NORMACONNECT® First-Aid Repair Clamp is ideal for repairing pipes damaged with cracks, holes, splits, pin holes etc. in all kinds of steel, cast iron, copper, plastic and concrete pipes, transporting liquid media and non-flammable gases up to 115 °C.


• Quick installation - Minimizes down time for damaged water pipes and pressurized mains
• Durable materials - Corrosion-resistant stainless steel with full circle EPDM rubber gasket
• Versatile fittings – Sophisticated design ensures that each size can securely seal a range of pipe sizes and materials
• Economical – Faster and more cost-effective than replacing entire sections of pipe immediately
• Certifications – Pressure tested according to DVGW W336 norms, EPDM gasket according to DIN EN 681.1 standard, gasket tested according to European Elastomer specification (former KTW and W270 standard)