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Easily fitted. Will not rust. Fast delivery.

Easily fitted. Will not rust. Fast delivery.

Product images are for illustration purpose only. The number of pipes in a brake pipe set varies considerably dependent on the vehicle.


  • Easily fitted

    Our brake pipe sets are assembled with pride for your specific vehicle. Each pipe is cut to the correct length, fitted with solid brass unions and marked clearly to indicate the correct location on the vehicle.

  • Will not rust

    We use only top quality 0.9mm 20swg copper and 22swg 0.7mm 90/10 Copper Nickel, which is Eddy current tested to EN1971.
    Cleanliness to EN12449/12451 which exceeds BLS.30.JC.101. and conforms to DIN74234. All our tube is drawn in the U.K

  • Fast delivery

    We typically aim to manufacturer and deliver your complete brake pipe set to your door within 2 working days to the UK

    We are able to ship worldwide using DHL/Fedex or TNT

Buy KWIX Pipe Straightening Tool - Automec are Sole Distributors for the UK Automotive Market - Please note this can not be used on pipes that have already been flared



Why do all of your pipes use universal flares?

When using copper or copper nickel pipe it is essential to use a double flare. This is different to the bubble type used with old steel pipe. Essentially the double flare is specifically designed for use with these materials to ensure the safest possible connection. As we have only used exclusively copper and copper nickel pipe on all of our brake pipe sets for over 45 years of manufacture and distribution around the world, each and every one of our sets uses this double (OP1 and OP2) flare. In simple terms the rule is as follows:

Steel Pipe - Single or 'bubble' flare

Copper/ Copper Nickel Pipe - Double flare

How can I find out where the pipes go on my vehicle?

We include a numbered list of pipe locations with every set. You can also find a link to this here: Pipe Location Key

What is the difference between Copper and Copper Nickel brake pipe tubing?

Other than the colour, very little! Copper is more malleable and can be considered slightly easier to work with. All our left-hand drive kits are supplied in copper-nickel to accommodate the requirements of the German TUV.

Why do I have more pipes in my set than appears to be required for my vehicle?

You may have more pipes than you need in your set as we sometimes include these to accommodate different variations on your type of vehicle.

How can I spot whether a union is imperial or metric?

Our metric unions have a nick in the hex for identification.

What is the best way to fit my Brake Pipe Set?

Keep everything as clean as possible. Do not overtighten the unions. Secure the pipes properly to prevent vibration using the clips supplied to supplement those you already have on the car. When you have fitted all the pipes, filled and bled the system, recheck each union and make sure you have a firm pedal before taking the vehicle onto the road. 

What is included in the Brake Pipe Set?

Brake system pressure pipes and fixing clips are included in the brake pipe set. Brass in-line connectors may be supplied where appropriate. 

Buy DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid



"Thanks for your rapid reply I will place the order online for the pipe set and the pipe bending tool and the silicone brake fluid later today. I have used your copper pipes and fitments on two other Porsche cars I own. The first was fitted in 1992 to my 1973 911S and they are still there in use after over 200,000 miles. The second was more recently to my 1964 356C in 2015, also still regularly in use and the pipes are still shiny!" Robin W.

"I’m currently restoring my 1985 Opel Monza GSE which I’ve owned for 31yrs now and which has had Automec silicone brake fluid fitted since the late 90’s and, despite standing unused for 20 years, still had serviceable brakes without sticking pistons etc due to the silicone fluid!" Guy

"Through an unofficial reseller here in France I bought one of your brake pipe kits, which was unfortunately not complete. Dan from your support team took the time to sort out the problem and sent me the missing pipe. I was impressed by the quality of your product and I am even more impressed by the quality of your customer service." Fabrice F. Nantes

"Just a little note to express my satisfaction regarding your supply of a complete brake line set for my Fiat 500. The lines went in easily, bent nicely into shape and the dimensions were exact. Little extras, highly appreciated: nice box containing the parts, protective caps, each line individually marked and using the number scheme made identification a breeze. To anyone requiring brake lines I will definitely recommend Automec." Mr. H Van Triest

"I restored a Triumph Herald 19 years ago and fitted your pipes and silicone fluid, I have not needed to touch them at all in all this time, I must say excellent products. Once again thank you for your help." Regards, Craig

"Thank you so much, you guys have the best service." Best regards, A. Knop

"The pipe set received today for the DB2 will fit perfectly. Thank you for the speed, efficiency and courtesy of your service." Yours sincerely, P. Livemore

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the Brake Pipe Set for my Jensen C-V8 which I received today. I am very impressed with the quality of the goods and the speed of your service. Very refreshing these days!" D. Chapman

"Thanks a million for the super brake line kit! Lightening delivery, great service, top notch quality and brilliantly packaged - cheap at twice the price. I wont hesitate to recommend you and look forward to using you again in the future. Keep up the good work.." E. Aburrow