Alphabetical List of Oil Pipes available

AHC393 Oil Cooler Feed Pipe Rover SD1
OP0203 Oil Cooler Pipe Ford Cortina Mk5  2.3  V6
OP0204 Oil Cooler Pipe Ford Cortina Mk5  2.3  V6
OP0205 Oil Cooler Pipe Ford Cortina Mk5  2.3  V6
OP0096 Oil Cooler Pipe Triumph Stag Long 216511 8708.50.9300
OP0079 Oil Cooler Pipes (bagged set of 2) Triumph Stag Auto 1965
AHC394 Oil Cooler Return Pipe Rover SD1
OP0019 Oil Feed Pipe Jaguar XK C8068 8708.50.9300
OP0048 Oil Feed pipe Triumph 1800/2000
OP0059 Oil Filter Inlet Pipe Land Rover Ser1 1948-55 234091
OP0058 Oil Filter Outlet Pipe Land Rover Ser1 1948 - 55 234089
OP0012 Oil Filter Pipe Triumph TR3A 200646
OP0156 Oil Gallery Pipe Jaguar Mk5  8708.50.9300
OP0091 Oil Gauge Pipe Fiat Topolino 500 8708.50.9300
OP0071 Oil Gauge Pipe Morris 8 Series E 1946 8708.50.9300
OP0040 Oil Gauge Pipe Morris Minor
OP0013 Oil Gauge Pipe Triumph TR3A 202973
OP0075 Oil Gauge Pipe Wolseley 6/90  26.5"  2 of 2 8708.50.9300
OP0074 Oil Gauge Pipe Wolseley 6/90 18.5" 1 of 2 8708.50.9300
OP0026 Oil Pipe Austin A40 Somerset
OP0049 Oil Pipe Ford Escort RS2000
OP0068 Oil Pipe Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mk1 8708.50.9300
OP0001 Oil Pipe MG Midget AHA6392
OP0002 Oil Pipe MG Midget AHH6678
OP0006 Oil Pipe MG Midget LHD 1275 US AHA8756
OP0005 Oil Pipe MG Midget LHD early 2A5640
OP0007 Oil Pipe MG Midget RHD & B V8 BHH1281
OP0004 Oil Pipe MG Midget RHD 2A5635
OP0003 Oil Pipe MGA
OP0010 Oil Pipe MGB 1976 BHH2105 LHD
OP0015 Oil Pipe MGB AHH5323
OP0008 Oil Pipe MGB early V8 Hose to OSF BHH1285
OP0009 Oil Pipe MGB later V8 hose to hose BHH1345
OP0031 Oil Pipe Mini Rover No 21A804  87083010
OP0032 Oil Pipe Mini Rover No CAM4202
OP0062 Oil Pipe Rover P6 8708.50.9300
OP0038 Oil Pipe Sunbeam Talbot 90 1948-57
OP0037 Oil Pipe Sunbeam Talbot MK3 Vacuum pipe 54-57
OP0025 Oil Pipe Triumph TR2/3/3a filter to hose
OP0055 Oil Pipe TVR 3000M 1978 V6
OP0063 Oil Pressure Capilliary Pipe Wolseley 15/50 1958 8708.50.930
OP0187 Oil Pressure Pipe Triumph TR3A & TR4 1958 on